Strategic Initiative 4

Energy Storage Financeability in Australia

CEIG is please to release landmark research in partnership with Nexa Advisory and Baringa Partners examining the financability of Energy Storage in Australia.

CEIG recognises the critical importance of advancing energy storage solutions across various durations within the Australian electricity network. AEMO’s projections highlight an urgent need to scale up our storage capabilities, targeting 19 GW by 2030, up from the current 3 GW derived from existing battery and pumped hydro resources.

This expansion is vital for bolstering our grid’s reliability and facilitating the transition to renewable energy. By 2050, the anticipated requirement for storage surges to 57 GW, underscoring the significant role ‘behind-the-meter’ storage will play, despite utility-scale storage comprising only a fraction of this capacity.

Building on our commitment to the advancement of energy storage in Australia, CEIG, in collaboration with Nexa and Baringa, engaged in producing insightful reports that delve into the financeability of energy storage solutions from policy and commercial viewpoints.

This partnership aims to examine the complex interplay of factors influencing the financeability of storage technologies, providing a comprehensive analysis that aligns with CEIG’s objective of fostering a conducive investment landscape.

These reports are instrumental in guiding policy frameworks and critical discussions; to effectively address the projected demands for storage capacity, ultimately steering Australia toward a sustainable and reliable energy future. Through these collaborations, CEIG reaffirms its dedication to advocating for strategic and informed policy development that catalyses the growth and deployment of energy storage across the nation.




Energy storage in Australia

Report: Energy storage financeability in Australia

Prepared by Nexa Consulting March 2024

Energy storage in Australia

Report: Investing in storage: Assessment of the bankability of storage in the NEM

Prepared by Baringa December 2023

Energy storage in Australia

Media Release: Financeability of storage assets