Strategic Initiative 3

Transmission Planning and Investment

As part of our goal to accelerate renewable energy development to achieve a zero-emission grid by 2035, CEIG commissioned Baringa Partners to develop a series of policy positions on the future of transmission planning and investment in the National Electricity Market.

Transmission investment is required to unlock Australia’s best renewable energy resources and provide lo-cost renewable energy to consumers as Australia’s fleet of ageing fossil-fuel generators retire.

The Baringa Report makes a series of policy recommendations to reform and streamline transmission planning and investment frameworks, including the RIT-T.

The Report also includes market modelling that shows that any delay to the build-out of transmission infrastructure will result in increased emissions as renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar, will be constrained leading to higher cost emissions and intensive coals and gas generation remaining in the grid longer.

Transmission Planning and Investment

Report: Transmission Planning and Investment for Clean Energy

Prepared by Baringa Partners June 2022