We use our unique “voice of capital” for coordinated and targeted advocacy and market engagement in the best interests of institutional investors. With a membership solely focused on investors we bring a distinctive and undiluted voice to the policy debate.

The sun is setting over a wind turbine farm that has battery stroage on site at the Neoen Hornsdale power reserve
Neoen - Hornsdale Power Reserve

The Clean Energy
Investor Group

Clean Energy Investor Group was formed in 2019 to respond to the increasing market volatility and risks faced by investors in utility-scale renewable energy projects in Australia. CEIG advocates on behalf of investors on the policy and market design needed to help unlock low-cost capital for Australia’s clean energy transition.

Solar panels in a field at dusk at the Impact Investment Group Swan Hill solar farm
Impact Investment Group - Swan Hill Solar Farm

How we’re evolving for the future

CEIG has extended its advocacy, education and stakeholder engagement with federal, state and territory governments and market bodies on the issues that continue to impact investors in the clean energy sector.

Our membership includes 18 investor businesses with a combined portfolio of 11 GW of operational clean energy projects across 70 power stations. Our member’s combined portfolios are worth approximately $24 billion.

A close up photo of a wind turbine looking up from the ground
Infrastructure Capital Group - Hallett Wind Farm

How we are different

The CEIG’s membership base represents the most prevalent category of investor in the global renewable energy market – institutional investors.

Institutional investors represent the largest pools of global capital, ready to deliver the megawatt capacity needed to secure Australia’s required future electricity supply. Their investment hurdles are the lowest globally, ultimately leading to lower wholesale power prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Institutional investors bring competition to the NEM “gentailer” oligopoly (for the first time since vertical integration re-commenced in the 2000s), ultimately leading to lower wholesale power prices in the NEM.


Advocacy and initiatives

The Australian National Electricity Market is and will continue to rapidly decarbonise, needing to transition to a more technology-flexible power system. With rapid change can come new risks and costs which need to be allocated to those best able to manage them.

On behalf of our members we develop and execute targeted stakeholder consultation and advocacy programs to engage with:

  • Federal and State Energy Ministers and energy departments;
  • The Australian Energy Markets Commission Commissioners & staff;
  • The Australian Energy Market Operator management & staff;
  • The Australian Energy Regulator & staff;
  • The Energy Security Board;
  • Industry Associations; and
  • Media

Across regulation and policy arenas we initiate, investigate, and respond to consultations and national electricity rule changes that impact institutional investors.